Confidence & Creativity

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As a writer you need more than talent and knowledge of the craft. You also need confidence, and creativity.

This workshop offers tools and techniques to give you both. 

I know that it's not easy to write. There is so much stopping you, and it all seems very real. But in fact, it all comes down to having the wrong mindset.

Success will come only to those who write, who finish what they write, and who consistently submit what they write.

You will need the write mindset to do those three things, and this course will give you exactly that.

If you book this course and Getting Started As A Writer together, there is a small discount of €10.00. These courses are on the same weekend to facilitate you doing both. See below for details.


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No Dates Due Covid19

Book this course and Getting Started As A Writer together for only €150:  a saving of €10.00.