Cloughjordan is a vibrant village in North Tipperary. It is easily accessible by car via the M7 motorway, and by train.

See the map below for more directions.

Cloughjordan is well worth a visit quite apart from learning to write here, as there is far more to do than first glance would suggest. In fact, Cloughjordan is full of surprising places and events, all in a warm and welcoming way.

To eat:

  • Middle Country CafĂ©
  • Sandwiches from Centra supermarket
  • Snacks in Shelagh na Gig bookshop
  • We plan to have catered lunch as an optional extra.

To stay:

Check out places to stay here.]

To do:

Apart from our courses, there is plenty to do in Cloughjordan:~


  • Other courses in Cloughjordan
    There are several interesting and rewarding courses run in Cloughjordan, so be sure to check our page on courses in Cloughjordan.
  • The McDonagh Museum
    Thomas McDonagh, one of the signatories of the Proclamation of Independence, was a Cloughjordan man, and there is a local heritage museum giving lots of interesting information about him, and other aspects of local life and history. Open 12.00-14.00 every day except Monday.
  • Cloughjordan Eco-Village
    You can visit the eco-village while you are here, or get free conducted tours every Saturday and Sunday at 3.00, starting from Shelagh Na Gig Bookshop.
  • Shelagh Na Gig Bookshop
    SnaG as it's known affectionatlly for short sells amazing books and serves wonderful coffee, and is convivial and welcoming.
  • Knocknacree Woods
    Just behind the village there are 100 acres of native trees with laid out paths to walk through.
  • Scohaboy Bogland
    About 4km from Cloughjordan. A wonderful example of a reclaimed raised bog, with a walkway through the bog. It's as open and as beautiful and as peaceful as a calm sea.