About Us

The 'Us' in About Us is me, Tracy Culleton, for now.

My first fiction novel, Looking Good, won a 'Write A Bestseller' competition run by Poolbeg and RTE, and was published in 2003. Two novels followed: Loving Lucy, and More Than Friends.  Details below on these novels.

Since 2003 I have been writing mostly non-fiction and have had three non-fiction books published in that time.

However, fiction has been my first love, and accordingly I graduated with a First Class Masters in Creative Writing in University of Limerick in 2017/2018.

Tracy Culleton, proprietor of Cloughjordan Writing School

I now wish to share my love for this craft, and Cloughjordan Writing School is how I will do that.

Writing is a craft with endless depths. As Ernest Hemingway said: “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master," and as such I continue to learn and explore, and look forward to sharing this with you.

I believe anyone can learn to write, as stories (both fiction and non-fiction) are our birthright as humans, and writing is just a form of telling stories.

There are ways to do it that work, however, and that is what I offer to share with you.

I am an experienced teacher of stories (see the testimonials below) and I know I can help you learn the skills you need to write your stories.

For now I am offering classes that I can teach myself, but I intend to branch out and find teachers of other disciplines too. See the Courses page for more on that.

The most important thing you can do now is to subscribe to my mailing list using the form on this page so I can keep you posted on the courses being offered.

Or if you have any queries, contact me via the form on this page.

My published novels:

Looking Good is now published online as Careful What You Ask For.

Loving Lucy is now published online as Missing Molly.

More Than Friends has the same title and details are here.

Testimonials - click arrows to scroll:

Tracy Culleton and I met on an MA in Creative Writing and I was lucky enough to have her critiquing my work. This proved to be invaluable for me.

Her experience in editing and her skill in craft were shared with me and others in a patient and considerate way. Tracy is a natural teacher and brings out the best in both the writer and their work. She has an innate love of writing and the written word.

Tracy doesn’t tell you what to do: she guides and helps you resolve your issues in a way that feels comfortable. Her contagious enthusiasm never wanes and she never loses faith in any project. She has been published many times and has a wealth of experience for the writer seeking advice in this somewhat daunting process. As a mentor and guide, I cannot recommend Tracy highly enough.

Claire Varden, Co. Clare

Tracy [...] has a clever and sensitive eye for how work can be improved, and she articulated this in ways that shared her skills and insights with others. [She] was someone who provided significant help to others by reading their work carefully and helping them to develop and progress it. I have often been struck by her generosity of spirit and of skill in this regard.

Professor Sarah Moore, University of Limerick

Tracy has shown herself to be an accomplished and talented writer of fiction and non-fiction, and has very generously shared her experience as a published author with her classmates, providing
them with invaluable insights and advice.

Donal Ryan, author - tutor on UL's MA in Creative Writing

Tracy really helped me edit and craft my short stories to a level I felt ready to publish. She has a sharp eye and will bring out the best in a writer. Tracy’s experience as an author is invaluable and she has a wealth of knowledge on plotting, storyboarding, self editing and bringing an idea from the early draft to fruition.

She instils her students with confidence and self belief, which is vital for the writer.

Tracy is very encouraging and fosters her students to produce pearls from oysters. I cannot recommend her teaching highly enough. She is a real pro and has a wonderful work ethic, radiates genuine warmth and energy that is contagious and seeps into her teaching and undoubtedly rubs off on her students. Her notes and resources are must haves for any aspiring writer. Having been to many creative writing classes over the years, I will vouch that Tracy's teaching is the best of those.

Gráinne Green, Galway.

Dear Tracy,

I just wanted to thank you sincerely for all the help and advice you gave us at the Inkwell Writers’ Workshop recently. I have attended a few of these kinds of workshops and I really found your session to be the most candid, informative and interesting so far.

I thought the exercises you did with us on the day were really useful in getting us to flex our ‘writing muscles’ and you were very clear at explaining your points and suggestions for improvement. Overall, I found the whole session really fun and engaging and I think you really helped us to get our creative juices flowing.

Best regards,  Judy Fusco Linnane

I recently attended the Inkwell Writers Pure Fiction weekend with novelist Tracy Culleton. Tracy's workshop was really inspirational and I have been writing almost every day since. In the three weeks that have passed since attending the workshop, I have completed two short stories and entered them in competitions, and I have also returned with determination to my long neglected novel started, and stalled, over two years ago. As someone who has written sporadically for many years, and been dogged with procrastination brought on by a bad habit of self critiquing while I write, the real breakthrough for me was allowing myself, with Tracy's encouragement,  to just write and save the editing until later. For that I will be eternally grateful to Tracy.

Rosemary Keogh

Hi Tracy,

It was lovely to meet you last weekend and I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic critique you did on the first couple of chapters of my novel. You were really comprehensive and thorough and you highlighted important things that I simply didn't see until you pointed them out, so thanks for that! I also found your suggestions on the plot development extremely helpful and I've taken everything you said on board. It was great to have the valuable second opinion of an experienced and professional author.

Kindest regards,


Working with Tracy helped me improve an aspect of my writing that I wasn’t happy with – handling conflict between characters.  Without any any false praise (or BS!) – and completely avoiding melodrama –  Tracy was able not only to show me where and why a particular scene was letting itself  down, but how an author can tighten up and enliven a scene, while staying true to their individual writer's voice.

All the best,  David Fairclough

I met Tracy through the MA in Creative Writing in UL.

As a successfully published writer, Tracy is far advanced in the craft and is able to juggle technicalities with astonishing ease. She also has a keen eye and is an editor par excellence. Her knowledge in the publication side of things is unmatched.  Somehow she can see things that nobody else can when it comes to issues with the story.
A writer's biggest inadequacy is the lack of motivation to continue in the face of hopelessness and rejection. Tracy is adept at instilling confidence in the most dejected of souls and is a constant source of inspiration to me.
Mayuri Goswami,
Assam, India.